It Starts with Commitment. 


In Her Shoes Foundation is run entirely by volunteers from a variety of backgrounds and cultures. Their combined talents and on-going commitment helps to enhance the lives of women and girls in the community.


Leadership Team

IHSF's Leadership Team is comprised of senior professionals who are consistently dedicating time each week to run the organization and all of it's departments/committees. 

Other Volunteers

Executive Team
Mariam Dembele
Melody Huang
Kathy Ziecik

RSGA Group Mentors
Sonia Chad
Morgan Czyzewicz
Cassie Lipin
Sierra Nixon
Leila Zintsem a Moute

Committee Volunteers
Ayman Ali
Sonal Bhat
Tiara Britton
Rosanna Cota
Kim Densmore
Caitlin Finn
Robin Getzelman
Amy Harris
Maria Hernandez
Alexis Hoffman
Hayley Hynton
Ruth Kasali
Matt Mercado
Karen Mignon
Margaret Ochoa
Alanna Raymond
Laura Schaaf
Miranda Sprague
Pamela Stubberfield
Irina Sulejmanovic
Nick Trevino
Jayashree Venkatesh
Cora Weisenberger
Jennifer Wolfe