Keena Brown

Advisory Board Member, Human Resources Committee Chair Emeritus

Keena Brown is a highly empathetic leader who is driven by helping others attain their goals. She is adept at leading personal growth and transformation in corporate and not-for-profit settings. Ms. Brown understands that there is a lesson in every situation and growth comes from every life experience.

For the past 14 years, Ms. Brown has built a career as a Senior HR Professional. She has a proven ability to work with Senior Leadership to integrate the human resources function within the overall business strategy. She strives for growth and learning in each opportunity. Her career has afforded her the opportunity to obtain experience in organizational restructuring, acquisition integration, employee relations, union avoidance, and leadership coaching and development. 

A few key areas of expertise include:

  • Change Agent – Ms. Brown is a change agent who has led several reorganizations. While this can be challenging for everyone affected, her role is to develop the best process that will facilitate more effective communication. 
  • Partner – Ms. Brown is a reliable partner that has worked successfully with teams to attain goals.She is often considered a confidante because of her ability to be objective and provide effective council. She has partnered with leaders at all levels on performance management, employee challenges and organizational changes. 
  • Advocate – Ms. Brown is an employee advocate who is able to consider the organizational benefits. She helps to bring forth a voice to those who may not have one.
  • Process Driven – Ms. Brown has developed and delivered process driven solutions to maximize efficiencies. This helps to bring order and transformation through delivering processes to cut through the chaos.
  • Volunteer – Ms. Brown believes in giving back to the community. In addition to her role at IHSF, she has volunteered at Chicago Hopes for Kids, Dusable Museum and Taproot Foundation