Volunteer Spotlight | Margaret


Event planning is hard work and Margaret makes it look easy!

In Her Shoes Foundation enjoys taking a moment to shine a spotlight on a volunteer(s) that has been putting in the extra effort and exemplifies everything that IHSF stands for. Margaret is standing in this month's spotlight as one of the Event Planners. The Annual In Her Shoes Foundation Gala is the most important fundraising event of the year. In addition to ensuring the food arrives on time, Margaret also works hard to ensure no decoration is left behind. Turning Over a New Leaf is this year's gala theme and will take place on the night of October 12, 2018. This night is filled with dancing, socializing, food, drink, and perfect company.

Although Margaret spends her free time volunteering for IHSF, she also enjoys other activities! For you to get to know her a little better, we asked for some of her favorite things. "Elephants are my favorite animals and also my spirit animal," said Margaret. "I love their intelligence and endearing qualities. They are beautiful gentle giants." The perfect favorite animal for such a perfect volunteer.

All of In Her Shoes Foundation's volunteers are driven by a similar mission. All of us enjoy working with strong powerful women who dedicate their lives to giving back to the community. Margaret enjoys volunteering for IHSF because "[she] really enjoys working with such a strong group of women who collaborate and empower each other, while also giving back. It is a great community to be involved with.