Partner with Ready Set Girls Academy


In Her Shoes Foundation is looking for schools to partner with Ready Set Girls Academy.

If you are a middle or high school, In Her Shoes Foundation is looking to partner with you! IHSF is searching for schools that could benefit from an after-school program geared to helping the young women of your school gain self-confidence, leadership, and social skills to excel in life. Many attendees of Ready Set Girls Academy (RSGA) enjoy the positive atmosphere and the extra space to grow. Whether your school is looking for an additional after-school program or for a positive space for young women to foster their intelligence and fuel their creativity, Ready Set Girls Academy is the program you should partner with. We have compiled a few of our most asked questions around RSGA and we hope they set the record straight.

Q: What is taught during a typical RSGA lesson?

During a typical lesson, the girls expand on topics currently taught in their school as well as social skills deemed desirable in a professional setting. The attendees learn how to express their emotions, deal with conflicts, and how to build self-esteem. While middle schoolers might not be thinking of proper professional skills, they will be down the road and the RSGA believes in fostering leadership at an early age.

Q: How much does this program cost and what does the school need to provide?

Ready Set Girls Academy is free for the school, students, and group mentors leading the classroom. In Her Shoes Foundation provides the curriculum, all the materials, the volunteer group mentors, and the option to train their staff to facilitate the program. The only thing we need the school to provide are the young women eager to learn and develop into self-assure women.

Q: How long does RSGA last for?

Great question! Ready Set Girls Academy takes place after the school day and typically lasts for about 60-90 minutes. This time depends on location and space allotted inside the facility. 

Q: How does Ready Set Girls Academy work for my school?

RSGA works when and however you want. For many schools, RSGA is after the school day. There are also options to schedule the program during school, on the weekends or during lunch. The best part about Ready Set Girls Academy is the flexibility to adapt the program to your school and the girl's schedule.

Reach out to us today and get this program in your school!