Giving Back | Grasmere Place


Join us for a Saturday morning of games and socializing at the UpTown residential home, Grasmere Place.

Mark your calendars! August 25, 2018, 1:30 - 3:30 pm. The volunteers at In Her Shoes Foundation are playing various games with residents to help them exercise their social skills, physical and mental abilities. By encouraging game playing our goal is to get the residents involved in stimulating and challenging games they can play together in order to facilitate fun, as well as promote a healthy mental stimulation.

What is Grasmere Place?

Grasmere Place is a Specialized Mental Health Rehabilitation Facility (SMHRF), with over 40 years of professional experience. Grasmere Place provides its residents with psychiatric rehabilitation services that are both innovative and responsive to each person’s unique needs. Located in the culturally diverse segment in the Uptown area of Chicago, Grasmere Place takes pride in our ability to merge with our community providing residents the opportunity for social participation in neighborhood events. Check out all of their programs here.

Our programs include additional support services to individuals who may otherwise have been referred to the long-term care system. Grasmere Place is licensed by the State of Illinois Department of Public Health and is approved by Medicaid, Managed Care, and Private Pay.

Grasmere Place provides specialized services to individuals with mental illness and is dedicated to providing an environment conducive to recovery. Our focus is to develop and provide the tools needed by our residents to overcome the challenges presented by their mental illness.

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