Ready Set Girls Academy Expands into A.N. Pritzker Middle School

(CHICAGO - March 19, 2019 ) - In Her Shoes Foundation’s (IHSF) flagship program, Ready Set Girls Academy is expanding to a new site, A.N. Pritzker Middle School located in Wicker Park. A.N. Pritzker School enriches children with an educational experience that encourages students to become academically creative, socially productive and emotionally focused. The program will begin on Monday March 25th, meeting weekly and running through the end of the school year. This partnership will provide a great environment for girls at A.N. Pritzker School to find and believe in their potential.

The Ready Set Girls Academy (RSGA) program is designed to give girls the tools they need to navigate life’s challenges in a positive way. Included in the programs curriculum are interactive lessons that provide a safe and accepting learning environment. INCLUDE the topics of both High school and Middle School from our website and the annual report. 

Executive Director of IHSF, Kasia Wereszcynska values the partnership, “Ready Set Girls Academy is IHSF’s flagship program and with the help of our amazing group mentors and volunteer committee, this program provides a safe space for girls in Chicago and surrounding suburbs to talk about and explore ways that they can find and let their inner light shine through.”

About In Her Shoes Foundation: In Her Shoes Foundation (IHSF) is a 501(c)3 organization that is dedicated to making a positive impact on society by empowering women and girls. Founded in 2008 as the Positive Girls Club, a forum for women of all ages to build strong individual and community relationships in the Chicagoland area. Through the Professional Development Workshops, our Ready Set Women Academy Program, the Giving Back Initiative and our flagship program, Ready Set Girls Academy, IHSF strives to create a nurturing and positive environment for women and girls of all backgrounds to empower and inspire them to be their personal best.

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