Remote Volunteering Opportunities in Chicago


If you are looking for rewarding volunteer opportunities in Chicago, then look to In Her Shoes Foundation for ways to give back to your beloved Chicago community.

In Her Shoes Foundation (IHSF) is proud to offer volunteer opportunities focused to helping young women and adolescent teenage girls build strong communication skills, develop social skills, build a foundation for professional growth and development, and so much more. In Her Shoes Foundation started in 2008 as a club where girls of various ages came together to share positive thoughts, provide inspiration to each other and share self-improvement opportunities. Over a decade later, the Foundation has grown to reach international communities. Regardless of where the volunteers at IHSF are servicing, you’ll be able to make a positive impact on Chicago communities, in many cases, without leaving your home.

While some volunteer opportunities in Chicago include site visits and program volunteers, other open positions can be fulfilled while working from home.

Searching for the best volunteer opportunities in Chicago shouldn’t be difficult. As a volunteer, time is valuable. Using your evenings to contribute to a greater cause is rewarding. Whether your full-time career is in finance or marketing, IHSF has open volunteer opportunities that are perfect for you! IHSF is always looking for superstars to donate their time. As a reliable IHSF volunteer, we ask that you give three to five hours of your time per week to the organization. These hours vary depending on your schedule and your volunteer title. While some remote volunteers work independently, some business groups meet up at a local coffee shop or public library once a month on a Saturday morning.