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Supported by In Her Shoes Foundation, Catalyst Resources International, and Northern Illinois University Counselors Education Program

Assist those living in abject poverty in Guatemala City, Guatemala. According to the World book via the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), more than half of the population in Guatemala is below the poverty line and 23% of the population lives in extreme poverty. Nearly one half of Guatemala’s children under age five are chronically malnourished, one of the highest malnutrition rates in the world.

This mission trip is very special and it allows us to partner with Catalyst Resources International, which exists as an advocate for the children of Guatemala and serves as a catalyst connecting resources to children who need clothes, food, and water.

On this trip, individuals will set out on a week long trip connecting with locals of the community by building homes, spending time with children at orphanages, and assist community members. Experience the opportunity to help out a community by building bonds with the people and children.


  1. Spread the word about Giving Back Program, Guatemala Project

  2. Volunteer with IHSF to plan the trip

  3. Donate to the trip (any amount) -- all costs will go towards building supplies and costs for volunteers (room+board, flights, and transportation)

  4. Sponsor someone to attend the trip

  5. Come on the trip yourself

  6. Attend and bring friends to our fundraising events

Questions & Answers

Q: When is the trip?

A: The trip will be January 5th - 12th 2019


Q: Who will attend the trip?

A: We will have committee volunteers and members of IHSF on the mission trip as well as students and faculty from Northern Illinois University (NIU). We also hope that the students from our Ready Set Girls Academy will attend, but this will be based on how much funding we receive. And YOU can also join us, you do not have to be a member of IHSF or associated with NIU or Catalyst Resources. We are looking for people who are passionate about helping those in need.

Q: What are the costs of the trip?

A: Materials - The cost for materials to build the home is around $4000.00

Individual - The cost for the individual to travel (airfare, meals, place to stay) is around $800.00

We will be staying at with the Catalyst Resources International organization which will provide us with daily meals and a bunk bed room which is divided for females and males. They will also provide us with transportation and full time security as we will be traveling through some dangerous areas.


Q: If I donate money where does it go?

A: You can specify if you would like to donate money to the mission trip and this would go towards the actual supplies needed to build the home. Or you can sponsor someone to attend the trip (include individual trip cost).


Q: What are the fundraising events?

A: We have several fundraising opportunities that we hope you will join us at!

  1. Charity Bingo

  2. Yoga Retreats

  3. And Other Exciting Events!


If you have additional questions please email: