Empowering teen girls to be their personal best


Young women in today's society often struggle to deal with everyday pressures and expectations. Through IHSF's flagship program, Ready Set Girls Academy, we are giving girls the tools they need to navigate life's challenges in a positive way.

The Program

We’ve created a curriculum to teach young women essential life skills and coping techniques. In each lesson we aim to improve their self-esteem and encourage them to reach for higher achievement.

The program is free and available for high schools, middle schools, and community organizations. We provide all the materials and volunteer Group Mentors who run the program. 

Topics Covered
We make our lessons very interactive. We find the girls gain a lot from sharing their experiences and listening to each other. 

Our trained and experienced volunteer Group Mentors provide a safe and caring learning environment. They encourage the girls to discuss a different topic in each session, these include:

• Effective leadership
• Team building
• Problem solving
• Effective communication

Healthy Living:
• Conscious eating
• Exercise
• Mindfulness
• Daily routine schedule

Social Skills:
• Healthy relationships
• Anger management
• Conflict resolution
• Philantrophy

Life Style:
• Life-school balance
• Time Management
• Responsible choice-making
• Using social media constructively

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Schools and Parents
This semester, the program has been delivered at Englewood High School, Deborah’s Place, and the Young Women's Leadership Charter School of Chicago up to two times per week, and we continue to be in a growth mode.

If you’re a high school, middle school, or community organization interested in hosting the program, or a parent who would like more information, please download our flyer or contact:
Group Mentor
We are always looking for people to be positive role models for teen girls. For more information, or to apply to become a Group Mentor, please click here.

We would be grateful for any donations that support the program. Your donations go towards the growth of the program, administration, materials for the lessons, costs of recruiting volunteer Group Mentors, student incentives/hospitality, and an end-of-program field trip for the girls. To donate to IHSF's RSGA program, visit our PayPal page and be sure to mention "RSGA" in the notes section of your donation. 







Group Mentors




Partner Testimonial

“The program was a huge benefit to students. I liked how the Group Mentors made the sessions student-focused and discussed topics and issues the girls face on a daily basis.”

- Steve Monson, Teacher,
Baker College Prep