Ready Set Women Academy Program

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Why Professional Development?
The aim is to provide the strength, skills and motivation for all women to thrive in demanding professional environments.


The Professional Development Program bring together, motivate, empower and inspire women from all walks of life to promote positive personal and professional growth.

This IHSF program offer women practical tips and guidance on issues ranging from pay negotiations to resume support, and our expert-led panel debates will inspire and engage on topics ranging from leadership to work-life balance. 

The events embrace the potential of all women, providing the strength, skills and motivation to help them grow and thrive in a demanding workplace within today’s society.

Join Us!
Attend one of our many events, network, and meet like-minded people. Find out more on our forthcoming Professional Development Program by checking this page often.


Featured Past Event: Recent Professional Development Program

Women in Stem Panel Discussion (11.20.17)

In Her Shoes Foundation (IHSF) recently hosted a Professional Development Program featuring Women in STEM to showcase an industry offer under-served by women.

The event included perspectives from nine expert panellists and was attended by more than 40 guests.

When it comes to the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, women have had to work harder to get the recognition deserved. Our event focused on highlighting women in the STEM field who are making a difference in today’s society, to inspire other women to pursue a career in STEM.

Held at Adler University, we allowed time for intimate introductions to each panellist, thoughtful questions from audience members and a period of networking after the event.

Other Past Events

Women Entrepreneurship Panel (4.30.18)


Alecia Wartowski: "Being A Powerful Negotiator: How To Know What You Want And Get What You Deserve" (8.21.17)
Michael Bargerhuff: "Disrupting The Gender Divide In The Workplace" (4.17.17)


Corielle Heath Laaspere: "Women's Power, Entrepreneurship, and Leadership" (8.15.16)
Kathy Austin: "Facing Setbacks: Accepting, Adjusting, and Moving On" (7.18.16)
Erin Dubich: "How To Live & Eat For Radiance" (6.20.16)
Katherine Toll: "Conflict Resolution" (5.16.16)
Donna Heidkamp: "Parenting and Work-life Balance" (4.18.16)
Larvetta Loftin: "Communication and Negotiation" (3.21.16)
Donna Smith-Bellinger: "Career Professional Development" (2.15.16)
Gia Clarie Kubik: "Personal Leadership. Building Trust, Credibility, and Respect" (1.18.16)